What are emitips™?

emitips™ are iron-on strips of scientifically-designed material that allow you to operate your touchscreen devices while wearing your own gloves. emitips™ work with all capacitive touchscreen devices including the Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Apple iPods, Barnes & Noble Nook, Blackberry Torch, Dell Streak, Droid, Droid 2 and Droid X, Flip HD, HTC Aria, HTC Evo, HTC HD2, HTC Hero, HTC Incredible, HTC Touch, Microsoft Zune HD, Nintendo DS, Palm Pixi, Palm Pre, Samsung Omnia II, Samsung Galaxy S, and TomTom.


How do emitips™ work?

emitips™ mimic the charge capacitive screens sense from your fingertips by transferring the pressure applied by your fingers through scientifically-developed material.


How many emitips™ strips will I receive in my order?

Six. This will allow you to adhere one to each of your glove's index and middle fingers, and both thumbs.


What do I need to adhere the emitips™ to my gloves?

All you need is an iron and ironing board or a flatiron.


What kind of gloves can I adhere emitips™ to?

You can adhere emitips™ to any material that can be ironed without compromising the integrity of the gloves.If you are unsure if your gloves will be compromised, it is recommended that you test the iron on a small, inconspicuous section of your gloves before permanently adhering emitips™. Refer to the wash and care instructions provided withyour gloves.


How do I care for my emitips™?

You can machine wash and dry emitips™ at low heat (without bleach or dryer sheets), hand-wash, or dry clean.


How will emitips™ wear over time?

emitips™ performance increases with proper use and care (link to care question above). If, over time, your emitips™ begin to lift from your gloves, simply repeat step 5 of the application instructions.

What is a capacitive touchscreen?

Almost all new touchscreen devices use capacitive technology. Capacitive touchscreens operate by sensing the electric charge sent from your fingers. While precise, capacitive devices only work if they can detect the electric charge of your hands, rendering them unresponsive when the user wears unmodified gloves.


Are gloves included?

Gloves are not included. emitips™ are strips of scientifically-designed fabric that adhere to gloves of your choosing.